Dataran Elektra Sdn Bhd

We are a Malaysian privately held company established in 2009 as a trade and services provider. We work with energy partners, manufacturers, and EPCC contractors to develop business synergies, technologies and skills to enable them to maximise value.

We offer a total E&I and C&I installation and maintenance services, equipment supplies, process and engineering solutions, renewable energy, smart sensing and surveillance, process skid EPCC, engineering information services, as well as marine technology & solutions with prime focus on the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry, the Government sector, and other related industries such as petrochemical, chemical, power, marine, oleo, water and waste water as well as general industries.

Our experienced project management team, with technical supports from our principals and partners are able to understand project requirements and transform these into successful project execution.

Our Vision

A niche and specialized, driven and diversified, transnational, integrated services company, with national leadership and a strong environment conscience, playing a national role in the energy sector and its related industries such as petrochemical, chemical, as well as power, oleo and other general industries in the South-East Asia region.

Company Mission

We offer products, services and solutions that exceeds the expectations to clients and customers. We provide a diverse set of products and services that add value to our clients and customers operations with an emphasis on quality, integrity and safe operations. We aim for long term relationships with our clients and customers, and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Business Ethics

We operate in an international environment. Our major customers are large multinational companies and these companies are subject to high standards of corporate governance and expect their business partners to apply these same standards. The management fully acknowledge the importance of good governance and has developed procedures and activities to apply good corporate governance as appropriate for Dataran Elektra