Smart, Accurate and Easy.

Combine with Dynamic’s Flow Computer to output:

  • Flow Rate
  • Total Flow for Actual Conditions
  • Standard Base Condition and Customer Defined Base Conditions

The SmartCone™, a variable area/beta ratio differential pressure cone meter, is a fluid flow meter that uses a measured differential pressure to provide a robust, accurate, repeatable and optimal cost measurement solution for both gas and liquid measurement. The SmartCone™ meter produces a differential pressure which can be read by any standard differential pressure or multivariable transmitter.


The E-Chart is a single meter run, custody flow computer for Liquid or Gas Application featuring: One Digital/Status/Frequency Input, Two Digital/Switch Outputs, One Analog Output, and One RS-232/RS-485 Communication Port (2nd port is available with a WDS Upgrade).

Micro MV

The Micro MV is a 32-Bit, Dual Meter Run, Custody Flow Computer for Liquid, Industrial Gas, and Natural Gas Applications featuring: Three Frequency Channels, Four Analog Inputs, One Analog Output, Four Digital I/O’s, One RS-232 Port, Two RS-485 Ports, One Printer Output, and a Rosemount Multivariable Transmitter.  An Input OR Output Expansion Module is also available.

The SFC500 DIN

The SFC500 DIN is designed to cover today’s measurement and control requirements no matter what they may be.

This Multi Bi-directional run, DIN Rail mounted Flow Computer can be used for all liquid and gas applications, including custody or non-custody measurement. Unique data sharing for up to 4 Flow Computers on one loop in Master/Slave configuration.