HTXY Series Liquid Pressure Relief Valve

Specifications and Performance:
Spec.: 1/2 “~”
Pressure level: lb~600 lb
Temperature: -29℃~+427℃

Suitable for liquids
Compact structure, light weight
Structural materials: carbon steel, stainless steel
Inlet and outlet connection form: Male thread, yin thread, flange

HTO, HTB series safety valve

ISO 4123-1 Safety Valve
API STD 526 Steel Flange connection Pressure relief valve
API STD 527 Pressure relief valve seat tightness
ASME “Specifications for boilers and Pressure vessels” Vol.

Specification and performance:
Form: Ordinary, corrugated pipe type
Spec.: 1 “D 2” to “T 10”
Pressure: 150lb~2500lb
Temperature: -196℃~+538℃
Medium: Gases, liquids and vapors
Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, special materials
Setting pressure deviation: ≤±3%
Overpressure: ≤10% (Gaseous medium)/≤20% (liquid medium)
Opening and closing pressure difference: ≤10% (gas medium)/≤20% (liquid medium)
Sealing performance: Compliance with API Std527 standards

HTGS Series high performance steam safety valve

The HTGS series high performance steam safety valve is suitable for overpressure protection of power boilers, DC boilers, reheat devices and other equipment and pipelines.
HTGS Series Safety valve design and manufacture, fully comply with ASME “boiler and Pressure Vessel Specification” I roll power boiler requirements.

Specifications and Performance:
Spec.: 1 1/2 “-6”
Pressure level: lb-2500 lb
Temperature: ~ +520°c
Setting pressure deviation: ps≤±1%ps (Ps>7mpa)
Over pressure: po≤3%ps
Opening and closing pressure: pbl≤4%ps

Compliance with ASME “boiler and Pressure Vessel Specification” Vol.
Adopt back pressure adjustment system structure design, use safety valve inlet steam to provide back seat back pressure and can be adjusted, ensure the headstock pressure difference Pbl≤4%ps
Integral welding of valve seat and valve body to ensure reliable connection of high temperature and high pressure work

HTKH-B Series Fast Switching device

Specifications and Performance:
Spec.: 1 “$number”
Pressure level: lb~600 lb
Temperature: ~+427°c

Three-way flow path design, one station installs two identical safety valve, one is on-line overpressure protection, while the other serves as maintenance spare. Low flow resistance ensures adequate discharge capacity of the safety valve. The operation of reversing system is safe, simple and fast. Rapid switching eliminates the need for device parking, provides continuous overpressure protection, and avoids costly cost losses from emergency parking repairs. Under each safety valve, a vent valve is installed to safely and effectively release the media before the safety valve is removed and into the discharge tube. The quick switching device is provided with a balance valve (high-pound ≥600lb) and thus operates lightly. The applicable temperature range is wide (low temperature to high temperature).
Reliable seal, keep the required tightness after multiple movements

HTDS type controlled safe pressure relief system

Specifications and Performance:
Spec.: 12“ ~ 16″
Setting pressure: 0.0 MPa
Operating Temperature: ≤345℃ (superheated steam)
Displacement: $number ~ $number H
Air source pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.8 MPa
Power: $number AC

Working pressure and setting pressure are very close.
The setting pressure deviation is small
Open front seat seal without leakage;
Allow work pressure to be high;
Accurate opening and closing
Allow Ultra Low
Small and low pressure difference (back seat pressure high)
Good sealing performance
Reduce opening and closing Time → reduce emissions
Higher application rates → cost savings
With remote operation mandatory discharge and back seat function
Redundancy design of control system
Long working life

HTCL Series Lining Safety valve

Application Range:
Spec.: 1″~ 6″
Temperature: -29℃~+180℃
Applicable pressure level: lb$number lb
Maximum setting Pressure: 1.96MPa

Product Features:

  • The valve uses the flange connection way, the disassembly is simple and convenient.
  • The use of fluorine plastic and carbon steel, to avoid a large number of HA alloy and so on, the cost advantage outstanding.
  • It can withstand the corrosion of all kinds of strong acid, alkali and strong oxidizing agent.
  • Different materials can be selected according to different media, the scope of application is wide.
  • The valve and valve seat uses the soft seal structure, the seal performance is good, avoids the heavy corrosive medium leakage to cause the pollution and the waste.
  • The corrugated pipe in the lining safety valve can eliminate the effect of backpressure on the valve performance, and also protect the spring and other inner parts from corrosion by the medium.

HTNJ Series insulation jacketed safety valve

Specifications and Performance:
Spec.: 1 “D 2” ~ “X 12”
Pressure level: lb~300 lb
Temperature: -29℃~ +520℃

Pressure safety accessories for use in equipment for polyester, ethylene and urea fertilizers The valve body of import and export flange all carries on the heat preservation, thus the heat preservation effect is good, the special need can increase steam flushing function Corrugated tubular structure, change back pressure does not affect the pressure relief valve, and bellows on the spring and other parts of the valve cover to play a protective medium erosion action Internal parts (disc, seat) standard materials are austenitic stainless steel and surfacing cemented carbide Special needs can provide urea-level 316L, duplex stainless steel 0cr25ni6mo3cun (255 alloy), 00CR25NI6MO2N (SUS329J1) and other materials, corrugated pipe can provide TI material