We provide a wide range of onshore and offshore Electrical & Instrument Services and our portfolio includes services in the oil & gas, petrochemical, industrial, and marine industry, domestically and internationally.

Electrical Services

We offer comprehensive electrical services including:

  • Installation of power and lighting systems, switchboards, high voltage cabling networks and motor control centers
  • Installation of project infrastructure systems including cabling, junction boxes, cable ladders, conduit and pipe systems
  • Procurement of devices and materials for service application and distribution.


We understand that instrumentation is critical for ensuring stable, accurate and reliable control of process systems. Smart instruments integrated into the plant control systems provide management with timely and accurate data for improved decision making.

We offer the following instrumentation services to maximize the potential of technology through:

  • Instrument specification and procurement
  • Installation of systems including hazardous area control systems, SCADA systems, DCS and PLC systems, fire and gas systems and process indicators, transmitters and controllers
  • Infrastructure systems installation including cabling, marshalling panels, instrument air/gas reticulation and impulse line systems
  • Testing by well-trained engineers and technicians
  • Maintenance services including removal, refurbishment and replacement as well as implementing total maintenance programs.

Valve Repair & Maintenance Services

We provide a whole range of valve related repair and maintenance services at our workshop where a complete inspection, repair, testing, maintenance services for all kinds of valves and actuators, irrespective of type, size and class are performed. Our valve testing and maintenance services include but not limited to:

  • Mechanical Services:
    Valve Repairs
    NDT and Inspections
    Turnaround Shutdown services
  • Actuators Repairing, Troubleshooting and Testing:
    Electrical & Manual Operators
  • Emergency Valve Sealing
  • Flushing & Lubricating
  • Causes of Failures Analysis
  • Spare parts supply

Servicing and Testing of Instrument Maintenance

  • Servicing and testing of various type of field instrument.
  • Calibration of instrument
  • Re-setting of instrument
  • Re-testing of instrument
  • Re-installation and update design of the electrical & instrumentation system

Servicing and Testing of Electrical Equipment

  • Servicing of LV/HV protection breaker
  • HV termination of equipment
  • Electrical calibration
  • Testing and checking of electrical equipment
  • Re-installation and update design of the electrical & instrumentation system