EnviroCare International and MicroMist Marine Scrubbers:

EnviroCare International (ECI) and its marine-industry collaboration partners have been developing a better technical solution for marine scrubbers. ECI was asked by ship owners to develop a new technology scrubber that would lower overall costs by avoiding the need to burn expensive, ultra low sulfur distillate fuels, while also providing a future-proof technology that will address anticipated, upcoming regulations.

Based on ship owner feedback, ECI developed MicroMist Marine, a new family of technologically advanced ship scrubber systems. MicroMist Marine comprise scalable scrubber solutions that are designed for each vessel class, while maintaining the same underlying scrubber technology pioneered and proven by ECI over the past 36 years. ECI are the scrubber experts. ECI pride themselves on meeting and exceeding marine business requirements.

Customized configuring of MicroMist Marine scrubbers, creates economical designs that address all related maritime environmental regulations. While current regulations mainly focus on NOx and SO2, MicroMist Marine scrubbers also address particulate matter, sulfate, and visible plumes. ECI scrubbers are compatible with all current shipboard systems, and include built-in automation for plug and play operational monitoring.

EnviroCare recently completed testing of the MicroMist Marine scrubber on a diesel engine using high-sulfur distillate fuel to demonstrate SO2 compliance and significant particulate reduction.  This includes industry-leading reduction of sulfur, sulfate particulate, and PM2.5. The EnviroCare MicroMist Marine scrubber results show that: total sulfur emissions, including both SO2 and sulfate particulate, on engines burning high-sulfur fuels are easily reduced to emission levels below uncontrolled engines burning either 0.1% or 0.5% sulfur fuel. PM2.5 emissions on engines burning high-sulfur fuels can be reduced to levels below uncontrolled engines burning either 0.1% or 0.5% sulfur fuel.

About EnviroCare International:

EnviroCare International was founded in 1980 as a broad-based supplier of engineered systems, engineering services, and aftermarket service for air and water pollution control, gas conditioning, and gas cooling applications. EnviroCare has developed effective and unique solutions for industrial gas conditioning applications and air pollution control equipment optimization. These include unique wet scrubber systems (MicroMist Scrubber and VenturiPak Scrubber), a novel wet ESP (Star WESP), an SO2 abatement system (MicroMist SO2 and Plume Abatement) and a variety of custom engineered systems and parts for industrial gas cleaning and gas conditioning applications. EnviroCare also supplies custom wastewater separation and concentration equipment. ECI currently holds 16 patents.